My Genealogy


Judith Lorraine Daft (Judy) nee Bridger

Born December 6th 1948 in
Buenos Aires, Argentina

( Picture taken 2002 on holidays at Charleville, Queensland )





My life has seen me living in different areas of the world.


  • My school years were:

London, England: 5 - 7 yrs

Houston & Bellaire, Texas: 7 - 9 yrs

Granada Hills, Los Angeles, California: 10 - 12 yrs

English School in Bogotá, Colombia till graduation: 13 - 17 yrs



  • I moved to Montevideo, Uruguay to study Geography and History of Argentina to be accepted into the British Hospital at Buenos Aires at age 17.

  • I then moved to Buenos Aires to the British Hospital at age 18 for 3 yrs “live in”, doing Study and Practice Nursing at the School of Nursing, British Hospital (Esquela de Enfermeria Hospital Britanico)

  • After graduating in nursing, I worked another 6 months as a State Registered Nurse (equivalent of “Sister” in Australia) at the British Hospital.


  • At age 21, I drove with my father, via the Pan American Highway, through Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador to my parent’s home in Bogotá, Colombia.

  • I then worked in a private clinic as a State Registered Nurse in Bogotá for 1 year.

  • I then moved to England, where I worked at Nottingham City Hospital in the Children’s Plastic Surgery Burns Ward for 1 year.

  • Returning to Bogotá, Colombia, I then worked at the Bogotá Hilton International Hotel as the Hotel Nurse for 2 years.

  • In 1973, at age 25, I married Peter Daft in Bogotá, Colombia.

  • Our first child, Tanya, was born in 1974 in Bogotá, Colombia.

  • We then moved to Lima, Peru where our second child, Marc, was born in 1977.

  • In 1979 the family moved to Northampton, England .

  • As I hated the cold weather in England, the family emigrated to Adelaide, Australia in 1983.

  • While Peter worked in Adelaide for 6 months, I travelled by bus to Brisbane to investigate purchasing land in southern Queensland. I was told of acreages in the Nanango/Kingaroy area.

  • After arriving in Nanango at midnight on the bus - to be met by a local real estate agent of the time, who wasn’t there to meet me as arranged - I wandered through Nanango with my port, looking for the town centre.
    Eventually, still looking for the town centre, as I was walking along the highway out of
    Nanango (as I now know it), he turned up.

  • I was shown various blocks. We decided to purchase 5 acres in the Runneymede area.

  • Peter had to follow work to Melbourne, Victoria in 1983, so the family moved again.

  • The family spent 1 year in Melbourne, before we decided to move to Runneymede to start a new life and raise the children in a self sufficient manner.

  • Many hard but enjoyable years were spent at Runneymede.

  • Peter had a heart attack and passed away in 1997.

  • I lived at Runneymede until I had a heart attack in November 2006 and a triple bypass operation in March 2007.
    I was advised to move closer to a hospital, so moved to Kingaroy.
    I moved into my new house in late
    August 2008.


  • Peter played the trombone in the Kingaroy Citizens Band and studied and tutored Computing at the Kingaroy TAFE.

  • I worked as a Support Worker for Disabled Children at The South Burnett Respite Centre for 2 years after Peter died.

I started Soft Pastel drawing around 1980 in England as a hobby.
I continued my interest after moving to Australia and found my main focus was in animal’s heads and eye detail.

I did numerous drawings for family, friends and neighbours in gratitude for their support, advice and assistance after the death of Peter.

I entered some of my drawings into Art competitions in Nanango and won Supreme Champion for various drawings.

Below are pictures of my drawings.

You can contact me by clicking here.

Click on the pictures for larger versions 


Chuckles Koala 

Ostrich and Emu

(Argentina and Australia)

Race Horse - Dip Time



Australian Parrots




Green Tree Frog


Lightning Dorado


Pussy Cat


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